About Us

We have pleasure in introducing ourselves as the manufacturer and supplier of Incense Sticks ( Govt. registered) of Handicraft products like Flora, Chandan, Interment, Fog, Ross, Dhuna-Chandan, Pineapple & different fragrances of fruits, etc.
All these products are made in our different plants in different villages, by the people of West Bengal, under ISO standards.

This has helped our Brand get established in the entire eastern zonal markets in the last two years.

Apart from the Local market, RSS Incense Sticks is available on Flipkart, Big Basket, Amazon, and V-Mart.

All these have been possible, not only because of our superior production facility but also due to our intense focus on Hygiene and Health in our entire operation, starting right from procurement of raw materials, which are sourced from the best of the Market in India and abroad; in house hygiene during production including for the working personnel, packaging of finished products and finally despatched.

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We are in the Core Committee of Association of Global Marchent


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